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  • Anonymous

    The Gump rocks … The fox sucks its the exact same songs over and over and over and over and over and over… think you get the idea

    • Anonymous

      Actually believe THE GUMP can turn around the music scene here in the Montgomery area. Have more of an output antenna of a little honey will attract more Bees.

  • They cant if they dont start playing the right music. Everyone will get sick of weezer and all the very non rock music they play. Im already sick of Metalica… This isnt suppose to be my dads rock so why are you playing them anyways.

  • Crispdj

    Actually if they continue to play that extremely horrible Linkin Park song………

  • Hartlmark

    WOW!!! Thank you 104.9. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST 20 YEARS!! You have made my year. Good bye 95.1!!!!!

  • Skippy

    Still playing the best music but the quality when steaming to my phone has gone down over the past week….any ideas?

  • JM

    Hartlmark i couldn’t agree more.


    Very good but it needs less faggy stuff (cough syrup)

  • cnwilk

    I really love the radio station, BUT the new commercials bleeping out curse words have got to go or im changing my station for good!! I have kids in the car.

  • Gwe

    Come on – geez. You guys started off playing good music, and now get it watered down. I don’t know anyone who turns to a “New Alternative Rock” station to hear Adele or campy college hippy music.

  • I remember years ago when the Fox first went on the air good bands but they still play the same songs from the same bands. The GUMP is the perfect mix of really good music, old and new, rock and alternative, hard and not so hard, and its not the one hit song from the same album (there I go dating myself). I have never heard anything that has made me want to change the channel. Best of all when I dont know what it hearing I can look it up. Refreshing, two thumbs up, five outta five stars.The GUMP…Get U’er Motor Pumping !!!

  • Jhonny

    I agree with getting soft, Adele on the Gump?? I wish I would have voted live DJ’s instead of computers running the music.

  • Enough

    Enough with songs with GD in them, hear it again will not
    listen to the station anymore.

  • annoyed

    I believe this survey surely had to have been swayed. Let me start from the beginning of my thoughts on the Gump: When I heard we were getting a new rock station on 104.9 where the Tiger used to be here, I was overly excited. Over the past few years of your existence, my excitement has turned into big disappointment. This crap you’re calling “alternative” is the same crap that Y102 is calling “pop.” I listen to rock because I prefer it over pop. However, to hear the same songs on your station as the local pop station is more than a little disappointing. You’ll probably say, “Well, we were playing that song first.” Then shame on you for picking crappy pop songs and trying to label them as alternative! Where is the new, younger rock station that we were told was coming? So far, you haven’t delivered. Go to Atlanta or Birmingham, station flip for a moment, and you’re sure to find a real rock station. I hate to say it, but lately I’ve heard better, heavier rock songs on the old people’s station (ahem, 95.1). In my opinion (and what do I know, I’m just a 20-something who likes REAL music), if you keep up in the direction you’re going, you’ll run your listeners away and bring in a slough of teenie-bopper fans.

    Okay. Off my soapbox now.

    • Charley

      You can have 95.1 the Led Zepplin station and I will stick with the Gump. The FOX plays the same crap over and over. Led Zepplin 3 or 4 times a day is too much. Their station is crap and so glad this station came along. I have been listening for over a year now and love it. If you don’t like then don’t listen, there are plenty of us out there that really like the station