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The Gump Top 30

This list represents the most played songs on our station last week and is generated by MediaBase.

Nov 12-19

6 JOY, VANCE Lay It On Me
7 LINKIN PARK One More Light
8 BECK Up All Night
9 LORD HURON Night We Met
10 FOO FIGHTERS The Sky Is A Neighborhood
11 DJ SHADOW Nobody Speak f/Run The Jewels
15 MGMT Little Dark Age
18 IMAGINE DRAGONS Whatever It Takes
20 DISTURBED The Sound Of Silence
22 PANIC! AT THE DISCO Don’t Threaten Me With A…
23 WEEZER Happy Hour
24 COLDPLAY Hymn For The Weekend
25 LORDE Green Light
29 SIR SLY High
  • matthew sowash

    I live in Wetumpka and don’t get a good strong signal. Why is that?

    • The Program Director

      Our main signal is 1170 AM, and the FCC allows a 250 watt transmitter on 104.9 FM. We’re looking at raising our antenna from 140 feet to 800 feet. Then you’d hear us 😀

      • Steve0

        when do you guys think this will happen?

      • Anonymous

        That would be great crank it up:)

      • carol staves

        yes yes yes please!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You guys need to get rid of Neon Trees… It is demeaning to the radio station as a whole!!

      • The Program Director

        That’s not what your sister said… J/K! No, really.

      • AudioSlut

        I disagree

      • Anonymous

        F u And that neon trees are good and so are their lyrics

        • C. Long

          I like that song to tell the truth. its one of my favorites.

          • Cassidy

            I like Neon Trees. They’re amazing!

    • J-BO

      My wife has XM radio in her car but I don’t. I love Alt Nation and Octane and then I heard about this station and I love it. It’s like a mixture of both, I work in the Gump but live in the country really would like for yall to get a bigger antennah so I could listen to yall all the time. Thanks and hope everything works out. This station is just what Montgomery needed!!!

  • Anna

    So i hear alot of good songs on this station but I cant ever remember the lyrics or who sang them when i get home ready to upload:) could you guys do a list of songs u play during the day somehow?

    • melissa

      i second that! i heard a song today soon after 6 and for the life of me cant remember the lyrics and its driving me crazy!

  • SMW

    what will it take to get some local bands music playing on the station? I mean this rotation you have going on is getting kinda old, and I can sing it in my sleep. what can you do about that? Im enjoying the station, but hanging in there to see if it will get better…

    • The Program Director

      We’re contemplating this (local music)…

      • tara

        you guys should really think about this bc i know of alot of local bands that are great and would love to get their music out

    • How about playing the brand new Trust Company single “Heart In My Hands”!!!!!! Single is available for airplay now. You know you want to 🙂
      Besides we are local and signed.

      Thanks to da Gump!!!!

      • Fan

        I second the TrustCompany. They are a great local band that made it and need support to keep going. I loved them as 41 down and will keep on as TrustCompany

  • jmes

    Just keep doing what yall are doing.

  • Billie

    I Love This station! I live on the east side of the Gump & the signal sucks! When will u guys b getting a stronger signal?

    • The Program Director

      Hopefully by the end of the year. Lots of pieces need to fall in place first.

  • Billie

    Is there an app that I can download for the blackberry so I can listen on my phone?

    • The Program Director

      Not at this time.

  • Chris

    I live in perry, ga and my brother told me about the iPhone app. We have about 5 country stations, a crap oldies rock, easy listening and a rap station. It’s about time I find something worth listening to somehow. You guys piss excellence.

    • The Program Director

      Bahaha, I’ll think about that next time I flush

  • Adam

    Lovin’ the station. The last time I had the radio on was when Live 105 was still broadcasting out of Helena. After it changed, I didn’t have a station to listen to for good music. I just happened to turn the ole radio back on in september and went through the frequencies in manual and found this.

    Keep up the good work!

    • The Program Director

      Ok. Will do. Thanks for listening!

  • Brian

    I listen to this station all the time. Doing a great job everyone. But more TOOl is required.
    We appreciate each one of you. This means I don’t have to choose between F****** rap and country.

    • The Program Director

      More Tool it is then…

      • livinginginthegumpster

        More Tool would be great.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what she said lol

  • David

    i love the station, but the signal is weak. Can ya’ll work on your signal?

  • Jamie

    Love this station. You guys rock! Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m telling everyone I know about this station. Great music and not all that annoying meaningless chatter. I think I’ll set all my pre-sets in the car to The Gump

  • Cindy Lockhart

    Getting ready for a road trip. Is there any way you can play Cage the Elephant’s ‘Ain’t no rest for the wicked’, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Many thanks! Listen to you all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    I listen to satellite radio alot, then a buddy told me about your station. I have listen for one week. The first time I heard Tool “The Pot” on your station, I almost lost it. Tool, Slipknot and Mudvayne are never ever played in the Gump. The Fox has failed for years at delivering true rock. Too much Allman and Lynard. I love this station and the format. I heard Paul Revere yesterday, Awesome. The only stations that play this type stuff are in Pensacola or Columbus. The lack of rock stations in Montgomery caused me to switch to satellite radio. I have kept your station on and will continue to listen. Please continue to push the envelope in the Gump. You can’t please everyone with the format, but you are a refreshing sound in the agony of classic rock and country. I have seen several stations leave Montgomery since I started listening in 1989, please don’t be one of those who have failed. You are on the right track, beef up your signal, especially on the east side. I wish there were a way that we the listeners could cement your status in the community like the Fox has done for years. The only thing they have going, is that they have succeeded in staying here all these years. You guys are the best in Alabama period. Keep the talk shows off and continue to play bad ass rock and alternative. Keep on self promoting and we will spread the word and make this the biggest, baddest station in the South. Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husbands, cause the Gump is rockin everybody up in here.

    • The Program Director

      Thanks for the kind words Ken!

  • Joe

    How about some LOCAL MUSIC? And not just a one hour on Sunday night like the Fox, but spread out in rotation!!??

  • Scott

    I love “Little Lion Man” by mumford and sons but can you play more songs by Mumford and sons? “The cave”, “Roll Away Your Stone”, “White Blank Page”, “Winter Winds”, Sister, Timshel, etc

    • The Program Director

      We’re playing The Cave

      • Scott

        Awesome, that is actually my favorite song from the band.

  • Ashton

    You guys are doing an awesome job!! I love that you play more modern rock than other stations do.

    • The Program Director

      We try to suck less than the other guys

  • Nic

    first off, you guys freaking rock. i love all the music you play and listen to the station nonstop. i noticed that on the top 30 songs that “another way to die” was listed as being by avenged sevenfold, just thought i would give you a heads up

  • James

    Great job guys, great music no BS to have to listen to in-between songs. Only problem is that you don’t have song ID and I can pickup the tiger past pine level, I loose you at the Northern Blvd. “PLEASE” crank up the wattage so we can jam local

  • Matt

    You guys are doing a great job and hope to hear you for years to come. One of my few suggestions would be to mix in some older music by these bands that most people in Montgomery haven’t had a chance to hear. Saturday I heard new and older Chevelle and it was awesome. Lot of great songs in the backlogs of these bands that have never been broadcast in Montgomery. Maybe play the new stuff in a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio with the older but still great songs?

  • Matt

    Also the commercial setup is perfect. I actually don’t feel the need to change the station. I would always switch the Fox after being bombarded with 10 minutes of commercials. Would wager that more people actually listen your advertisers for that reason.

    • The Program Director

      Thanks for the comments. We just added 200 more “oldies” to the play-list today.

  • brad

    When I’m in the gump I love it! Would love to see the signal strong enough to hear it in clanton!

    • The Program Director

      So would we!

  • Elizabeth

    I live in Evergreen and tragically I do not pick up The Gump. I am forced to listen to TK and while it’s a semi-decent station I absolutely lovvvvveeeeeee y’all. I wish I could pick it up even on the AM station. Anyway keep it rockin!

    • The Program Director

      I live on the Montgomery’s East side and at night I can’t pick up either.

  • Mark

    Haven’t been able to hear anything for the past 3 hours, is there a problem with streaming the audio???

    • The Program Director

      Yes, we were off the air for a little bit. All better now.

  • Dana Miller

    What can we, the listeners, do to keep you guys going strong? If funds get low, let us know. I am sure we (the listeners, again) would love to do some sort of benefit or donation just to keep you around! Montgomery has needed this station for years!

    • The Program Director

      Please send all donations to:
      4101 Wall St
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      c/o The Program Director


      Seriously though, shop at our advertisers. Tell em you heard about their business on The Gump. That’s THE ONLY WAY to keep us on the air.

  • Amber

    This is my favorite station. I used to not listen to the radio until my roommate told me about this station. I heard you guys just recently started playing local music. Well, what does someone have to do to get a local band’s song on this station? Any information would be helpful. Keep up the rock! You guys are awesome!

    • The Program Director

      We don’t use .MP3’s on the air. They should like total sh*t, so get us a CD.

      Drop ’em off with Vivian, our receptionist and include band name, song titles, your hometown etc…

      4101 Wall St
      Montgomery, AL 36106

      • Anonymous

        Awesome man!! Thanks a lot!!

        • Amber

          The CD has been dropped off. Thanks for the info man!!

  • Funsized

    I was listening to the GUMP around 4:30ish in the A.M. this morning and I heard a song that I had never heard before. It was very soft, melodic, and the chik singer sounded like the Cranberries…. lyrics like… “I will kill for you… I will die for you…. what is the name of this song and band?

  • Funsized


    • The Program Director

      Was about to say, GARBAGE! (They still tour ya know)

  • KEEP ROCKIN! I love this station. SO much better than all them oldie rock stations I have been forced to listen too all these years! LOL! Keep doin what yall r doin! I’ll be a listener for life 🙂

    • The Program Director

      We’re like 7up. Crisp. Cool. Refreshing.

  • han

    can u guys please consider playing some of The Maine’s music? Maybe play “Right Girl”, “Fuel To The Fire”, or “Girls Do What They Want” Its really good and fun to listen to…my friends and I love the Gump and jam out coming home from basketball practices at night but if u guys played The Maine it would be even better! 🙂

    • The Program Director

      We’ll check em out

  • wayne key

    Birmingham Radio SUCKS!!! Found 104.9 driving thru over the weekend but lost it right outside of town on the way home to Montevallo. Any plans on Boosting signal or starting a sister station in the Ham?

    • The Program Director

      Birmingham is nothing but a corporate wasteland where washed up DJ’s land at the end of their career.

  • disgruntled

    Stop playing Neon Trees!! They don’t do the radio station any justice!!

    • The Program Director

      I agree with you. They are soft…but the chicks dig em

      • disgruntled

        If they dig them that much, tell them to listen to Y102…!!!

  • krumbie

    What happened to BABE of the day? Just curious.

    • The Program Director

      Uhhh, I was told STARE was NSF. Had to pull it…but we’re working on a custom babe module.

      (I said custom babe module lol)

  • lindsey

    i LOVE this station. it is always on in my car and i listen while i’m at work! you guys are seriously the shit. thanks for playing awesome music!

    • The Program Director

      We’re the sh*t because y’all write bitchin comments

  • Anonymous

    when are going to have power up

    • The Program Director

      contracts are being signed, engineering studies are about to happen…so I’d say in a few months

  • tom

    if you don’t quit playing all of that Green Day and Linkin Park I am going to accept that you are as gay as those two crappy bands.

    • The Program Director

      Dude, Neither Green Day nor Linkin Park show up in our Top 30. WTF are you smokin? I want some…

      • tom

        what are you smokin? linkin park is listed right up there in the 3rd slot. list them are not you play both every hour sometimes one after the other. I appreciate the effort but ofcourse you can’t please us all. fact is you play those two all the time and real diehard music fans are not into them . they suck

        • tom

          No surprise 4 months later Linkin Park is still in the top 30 and all of theur crap is played constantly. You have no musical taste

  • Nicholas

    Do you guys need a radio man? I have an FCC GROL license. This lets me work on high power radios. I know you want to expand your reach. I have a lot of experience in propagation. I have a job, but I love your radio station so if you guys need some help let me know. I would do what I can for free. I’m all about helping a good radio station in Montgomery! 233-2676

    • The Program Director

      Crawl to the top of Jackson Hospital and crank us up.

      (We never had this conversation)

  • Amber

    I think you guys should play more Bullet For My Valentine and start playing some Killswitch Engage. I’d love to hear those guys on the radio.

    And on a different note, you should play more Paramore, should start playing Flyleaf and maybe some VersaEmerge. You guys still rock!! Thanks for existing!!

    • The Program Director

      We’re down with more “angry hot chick” rock!

      • Amber

        Gotta love angry hot chick singers!! I know I do!!

  • Anonymous

    are yall going be on 1170am
    when yall power up

  • Matt

    Any chance of getting some window decals or bumper stickers to continue spreading the word?

    Granted I don’t want any giant 4 foot circle stickers like some of the other stations use, but would be glad to put up something.

  • Rhonda

    You guys are awesome!! I don’t have to scan stations anymore, just leave the dial set to 104.9 and rock the f*@k out!!!! My only bum note is the older rock like Metallica you play sometimes. With so much new and great Alternative bands out there now, do we really need to hear the so 90’s ago music.
    Other than that, you guys rock!!!

    • Mikaela

      I say they should keep the stuff from Metallica. We need to keep the stuff that made rock, rock. Ya know?

      • Anonymous

        I couldn’t agree more Mikaela. I would love to hear some Enter Sandman or Fuel a little more often.

  • Mike

    Not to be a debbie downer, but it sucks donkey balls for a song to get cut off so we can all drown in the awesomeness of UAB basketball. and then to switch stations around and hear the exact same broadcast of the game on 107.9 ? Come on guys!!!

  • weak sauce

    Variety is the spice of life, and the Chili Peppers ain’t it. Must you play every single song they ever performed?

  • Mikaela

    I just wanted to say that this is the best station ever! Out of all the places I’ve lived, and all of the radio stations I’ve come across, I haven’t found any radio station as satisfying as this one. It’s absolutely amazing. There isn’t one song I dislike that comes on this station. Keep it up guys!

  • Anonymous

    Is it some sort of requirement that you HAVE to play Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beastie Boys once an hour? That has gotten so old that when I hear one of them start I am forced to change the station.

  • Anonymous

    I love Chevelle, Stone Sour, Linkin Park, etc. But, how about playing stuff a little heavier? Something like Psychosocial by Slipknot or Holy Diver by Killswitch.

  • Jace Gavon

    Love the station.. Needs more Radiohead. Just sayin’ lol -Hint hint, nudge nudge- Radiohead.

  • anna

    Too much bush, rhcp and linkin park

  • John

    This is the best radio station I think we’ve ever had.

  • Carter

    I’m digging the 30 Seconds to Mars and Chevelle! I wouldn’t mind getting some Skillet or Red too though!

    • Amber

      I couldn’t agree more. Especially Red. Those guys are amazing.

  • Cheyenne

    Ever gonna play some Hawthorne Heights, Alesana, or Seether?

  • Urpeeing

    A little thank you note from Europe 🙂 Great station. You keep the spirit high doing the day’s work.

  • Kyle

    Yall should add a little Smile Empty Soul and Trust Company to the lineup. Also some more Breaking Benjamin and Seether wouldnt hurt. Just saying. Rock on

  • Kyle

    Metal should also be added to the lineup. Im sure montgomery would love to hear slipknot, BFMV, AILD, etc. Thatd really kick all these others radio stations down a notch and possibly get rid of the one that ZZ Top and ACDC live on 0_o

    • Matt

      Slipknot is played some I know. Not sure about the others.

  • Adam

    Let me start by saying THANK YOU! We needed some real music in the area. It also helps not having to hear all this talk radio in the morning. The music is great to get the morning started. Nobody even likes the “*&ck and *^$ba show”. I think that you can figure that one out. I know that you have said that you prefer playing the girly/ punk rock but is there any chance at all to get a few hard core stuff such as Korn, Slipknot, or Rob Zombie? Great choice on the Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, Sick Puppies, and Rise Against! Again THANK YOU!

  • The Program Director

    We’re always getting bitched at for not playing local music. That’s about to change:

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Modern society and great music reaching Alabama, but there only baby steps.

  • weak sauce

    Don’t know if you play it or not (I’ve never heard it on here) but some new Deftones would be nice, specifically something from their excellent Diamond Eyes album.

  • josh

    The awolnation song “sail” freakin rocks! I just moved to the gump and I finally found a decent station to listen to at 104.9. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeremy

    Hey guys. I don’t know how many of you have heard of Egypt Central. They have a brand new single that just came out a few weeks ago. It’s called White Rabbit. Can you guys play that please? Such an amazing song.

  • C. Long

    I’m moving to D.C in 4 months and im getting a laptop so i can hear this station on the web!
    gump forever!

  • listener137

    hey play lamb of god’s Redneck… should fit this area nicely….

    • Amber

      Please do that. I love that song.

  • William Forrester

    How about some RHCP? They are not played nearly enough. Once an hour, what’s that? Not enough, that’s what. The Gump needs Red Hot Chili Peppers! …………. somehow I don’t think all of the sarcasm I put forth into this post can be read….

  • William Forrester

    I was at the Millbrook Mardi Gras the other day…………….. Anyway, I saw a guy in a 104.9 The Gump shirt. Are those available for purchase?

  • Adam

    Agh trying to figure out a song that was playing this morning (4/5/2011) sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 I believe. Female vocalist. A real soft voice…
    Bugging me so bad.

  • erichunter

    You guys have played a song recently with a celtic sound, and it’s been in my head but i can’t ever catch the rundown of who has just been played.. Any ideas? I really want to buy it!

  • cool web log. Filled me with a more effective comprehension all the economic. Appreciation friend

  • Amber

    Hey, Just wondering if the station will ever get a DJ? and do ya’ll have a daily list of music that is played….I trying to find a song!!!!

  • I tried to submit a comment earlier, but it has not shown up. I think your spam filter might be broken?

  • Can we stop playing metalica? Not only is this “my dads” roc that you claim not to play… but they just suck and cant carry a tune for shit.

    • Anonymous

      your a nut dude…the black album is a legend in alternative music…there are some songs that are cool to play with todays alternative and metallica’s song’s are def some of them and most would agree..

  • JC

    let’s get some RED in the rotation….THEY ARE ONE OF THE BEST BAND’S OUT AT THE MOMENT!

  • Anonymous

    STP – Maver off their new album. Play it you must.


    Genevieve Bellemare 19 year old front of Voodoun Moi from Portland. Check it out

  • Futurecomm

    Just recently got married and am moving to Montgomery; love the station!!!! How about some more Rush tho please!!!!!

  • nevada

    you guys rock ,literally.. cant wait till you get a bigger attena.. i dont know what i would do with out your station… dont change a thing!

  • Angel

    So glad you guys gave me a reason to listen to the radio again!

  • i love this station it the only one i really listern to know but im trying to find this song i hear it kid in bummed or something like that i dont know the new of the song or the group but i love can anyone help me

  • Dave

    Just moved here from Seattle. Love the station haven’t changed it since I found it two weeks ago. I even listen through the commercials. Don’t mess with it up.

  • rosemary

    I am demanding more………old school 311, beastie boys, janes addiction, tool, korn, white zombie and so on……… you guys! Best station in montgomery by far! I live out in the middle of no where but as soon as my tires hit montgomery my radio is tuned to 104.9!

  • Noway

    Trying to find the name of the song that starts off with a deep bass note then a whimsical riff and back to the deep bass. Bmmmmmmmm dida de de de de de dede de bmmmmmmmm. Any help

    • Roymaninc



    Overall earrape in a good way

  • yammy

    yeah same here.. heard a song a few weeks ago on my lunch break and havent heard it since.. had like rap music in the background with a metal twist..

    • Bizjay69

      KoRn ft skillrex – Get up? Only thing I could come with.

      • BerryBoggs

        Beastie Boys

  • Johnjr

    You may want to check your online stream source. It seems over driven…got some distortion in it…

  • guset.

    hey are you guys going to add Evanescence- What You Want?

  • Thekidd6669

    this may be a dumb question but how do we find out what played a few days ago

  • Tspaz29

    I would LOVE to hear some Pink Floyd on here!!

  • Dustyhanson83

    I nees help finding the title of a song , ” I can do anything, anything ,anything

  • Matt

    Can you play The Dreaming? Former front man of Stabbing Westward. Their newest song Every Trace is on the billboard charts, and they have some good stuff on their debut album as well.

  • Berry

    WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! LSU vs. AUBURN! WAR EAGLE! The Gump rules

  • Berry


  • Nadine

    more old 90’s rock please.. 🙂

    • Nessa

      There are other radio stations for that. It’s called NEW alternative rock!!

  • Russ

    I’d really love to hear some Thrice on here. They’ve got a new album out.

  • amyk

    I swear it was the happiest day of my life to find this station in Montgomery. I was getting sick of Nickleback. Who knew their nasty ass music would get old?

  • Dschmidts37

    I love this station! But I’m beating myself up over a song I heard on Monday, 12 December between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00 AM and I couldn’t tell what the title was and who sings it. I love the Recently Played list on your website but it would be great if it listed the songs played by the hour.

    The song has an awesome grunge beat and toward the end there’s the lyrics, “We are the dogs of hell.” The chorus sounds like he (the singer) yells, “Feel my jagged hand! I know that’s wrong. If anyone knows this song please let me know! Thanks Gump for playing the best music!

    • Rooks308

      do you think it was The Sound Of Winter by Bush
      check it out and see

      • Dschmidts37

        Thanks for your help! Unfortunately I know both of those songs. This group had a sound like Five Finger Death Punch. The song was awesome and I heard it twice on the Gump but I was nowhere near a computer. Be awesome if the Gump had an all-day play list. I listen to Jango online trying to find it.

        • Dschmidts37

          Dragula by Rob Zombie!! Thanks Gump and Rooks308!!

    • Rooks308

      or maybe Pink Floyd’s Dogs Of War

  • Imkoolerthan

    Some Paramore songs would be nice..

  • G

    Y’all played a song last night between 7:30 and 8PM, I think, Anyway, its so cool but I have no idea who it is or exactly what they are saying. Do you have a way to check those songs?

  • Normcjohns

    What song played this morning around 758?


    want to know song that was played between 750 and 810 last night – sounded a lot like shinedown … still can hear it in my head

  • Fangirl2686

    keep up the good music. play more incubus and awholnation please!

  • Beast

    Play some five finger death punch

  • Ashley

    I have been trying to find out who sings a recent song I heard… It sounds like James Blunt and Bjork, but I’m not sure and I can’t seem to locate the song online. Anyone know what song I’m talking about?

    • judy pickett

      Probably Gotye

    • Marissamoss24

      Sounds like little talks by “of monters and men”

  • Babybek09

    There was a song by mumford and sons that I just love that yall played a couple of days ago and i cannot find it. it was a duet i believe with a female…something along the lines of…”so dont listen to a word I say..”

    • Poleman

      I think you are thinking of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

  • DISQus

    What is the song that starts “Burnin’ in the cold..”

  • Motokid25

    whats the name of that song some of the lyrics are like ” WHere im from we stand up straight, and its saying about where im from,,” anybody know? HHHEEELLPP MEE PLZ

  • Supernovus

    I love the songs “pain” and “riot” by three days grace, “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, “Monster” by Skillet, and “free” by Twin Atlantic! I love you, gump! Finally, the south can be proud of something.

  • Camaro32421

    I LOVE THE NEW GOD SMACK i heard it this morning on the way to work XD

  • Cupcake44122

    i want to know the name of that rock song that has dubstep in the background. Anyone know?

    • jimbo

      Too close – Alex Clare


    Messaging from Atlanta here and just wanted to say that you all run laps around 99x.  I love alternative music and you guys play before 99x will.  Of course, it’s not because of lack of trying but when a big “CLOUD” takes over, you are sorta controlled by the powers that be.  Love your station though!

  • Mo’ Love<3

    I absolutely LOVE The Gump .. Thank God we have a radio station with fewer Commercials !! haha . 

  • Tidefan6447

    Not bad for an FM station…but, I prefer the commercial free music and choice of Sirius XM.

  • Cdj1859

    Dig the Gump…Great music, that’s why we advertise on it….Keep rockin

  • I so Love the Gump! It’s a breath of fresh air in a stagnant world! Thanks so much! 

  • Supernovus

    The only radio station that offers GOOD music! Thank you!

  • karley

    My sister lives in Montgomery and I in Tuscaloosa… heard this station and kept it on there all the way there and back. Pretty badass station.

  • mary

    Halestorm PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kio raid

    needs paramore!

  • joemechanix

    I am so glad i found 104.9……good music all day long…no morning chatter

  • Shak2467

    Can you guys kick it up another 1-2 thousand watts???? Can’t get u up here in the metropolis of Clanton!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Allen

    Can ya’ll play more Linkin Park and please add Skrillex to the station.

  • Nic

    Can NOT hear you in Troy, AL!! you are too week of a signal! This music should be heard just as strong or stronger as your competitor Y102!

  • Bytor70

    Try some Porcupine Tree. 🙂

  • m


  • Scruffy

    Play the new Avenged Sevenfold song: Hail to the King

  • calvin

    You guys played 311 after I got off work. I have not heard a station play anything 312, pepper, good sublimey kind of stuff in a long time. Awesome stuff, keep it coming.

    • calvin


  • Can’t figure it out

    What is the name of the song that the By a female british band sounds alot like lorde-royals

    • steph

      ms mr hurricane maybe?

  • SK

    What was the song last night that was first play it went “I know ” on chorus ?

  • GumpGirl

    I’m trying to find out the name of a song that you played around 8:30 PM on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Part of the lyrics (I think) were “you take me to hell and back.” I just caught the tail end of it and would like to know the name of it.


    • airbrush Craig

      Take one for the team” has a song ” To Hell and Back for You” and “Kid Ink has a song “Hell and Back” as does Metallica.

  • aaron

    there was a song played last night around 6:30-8 pm that sounded like a remake of an old western song. could anyone tell me who that was please?

    • airbrush Craig

      Do you remember any lyrics?

      • aaron

        i think i finally found it. it was a song by muse.

  • airbrush Craig

    On Friday, Dec. the 13th at 7:04 you played a song I’ve been looking for several years, and no one tells who it is after it plays, or seems to know who it is. . I first heard it on a classic rock station, and heard it again on the 104.9 the Gump last Friday. At the very end it says ” Just like,, just like,, just like you. And as the music fades out and a haunting piano solo begins. The chorus sounded something like “Love be only on you, ( then something, something) and skies are blue. Love be only on you, love be on you.” I would say it’s a rock ballad, and even though it sounds familiar, I’m afraid it’s from a one hit wonder. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Josh

      That’s Spacehog-In the Meantime

  • Vina Cruz

    The gump don´t show the music names on tune in!What happened,what´s the matter!?

  • Lee

    Anyone know which Tegan and Sara song played a few days ago?

  • guest

    @airbrush Craig, just a guess but maybe Spacehog- In The Meantime?

  • Bridget

    You played a song tonight around 6:45. The only lyric I remember was “you are the love of my life” or something similar to it. I tried to shazam it, but the song went off. Thanks!

    • Danielle

      Up In the Air by 30 Seconds to Mars

  • justin_f

    about 9:30 this morning a song played ive heard before but can never find. “I am loving you mooore, I am” that’s what I remember. whats the name?

    • Dean Allen

      It’s by Bear Hands – Song is Giants

  • Kyle

    justin_f: Bear Hands – Giants is the song you’re thinking of

  • Rick

    There was a song on today at 11:15 AM that I can’t find anywhere. Lyrics included something like “your heart is frozen” and “take my life.” Any help on the song name would be appreciated.

    • Rick

      And it wasn’t Twenty One Pilots. Really have no clue now.

  • Dean Allen

    Please, please stop playing Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna know. 2 months straight is enough 3 times a day – thank you

  • Dean Allen

    Let’s hear some more Lourde. After playing her first two songs nothing has been on in the last few weeks.

    Also want to hear The Naked and Famous – Hearts like Ours. You guys played a bunch about 4-5 months ago but haven’t heard it since. It was very popular.

    Need to hear 30 Seconds to Mars – City of Angels. Was one your hot songs a while back but nothing in the last month or so.

    Your stations rocks too! Puts the Fox or should I say the Led Zepplin station, to sleep.

  • lala

    Played a song at 10 pm…about one more time , and your lies? Help me find this song plz!!

  • Jon Midland

    who is the band…you just dont get it keep it compasenic? love that song

    • A. O

      It’s finger 11 I think. Copesthetic. I believe.. Check spelling

  • “Bound For The Floor” by Local H. A group out of Atlanta, Georgia. The song was released in 1996.

  • The Orwells remind me of a grunge band. Sort of like Nirvana, AIC, etc.

  • SP1N

    Song today around 5:30 Tuesday, can’t figure it out. Something like “…Like lightning in her lips…”

    By the way, hands down the best station in Montgomery, keep up the good work!!

    • Charity Miles

      I think the song you’re talking about is “Cardiac Arrest” by Bad Suns.

    • Guest

      Atlas Genius–Trojans

  • Moneyshotoh

    can we hear more TOOL on The Gump? only songs I know of them that are played are Sober and Schism; I would love to hear more. this is my favorite radio station. keep it up

  • Micah

    What is the new song that they played on First Listen? some lyrics were: We used to talk and it felt like home….

  • brent

    Does anybody know a song that says “love lullaby” a lot? It’s so beautiful but I can’t find it 🙁

  • Logan Rollo

    Lotsa hipster pop….

  • Bat man

    Hey play somebody told me by the killers

  • Steph

    Not sure how to go about requesting music to be played but here is a small list I would love to hear on the GUMP
    Nonpoint – Breaking Skin
    You Me At Six – Room To Breathe
    Avatar – Vultures Fly
    All That Remains – What If I Was Nothing
    Demon Hunter – The Last One Alive
    Drowning Pool – Soldiers
    Gemini Syndrome – Stardust
    Korn – Hater
    Nickelback – Million Miles an Hour
    Nothing More – This Is The Time (Ballast)
    Otherwise – Soldiers
    Pop Evil – Beautiful
    Pop Evil – Torn to Pieces
    Seether – Careless Wisper
    Seether – Words as Weapons
    Slash – Bent To Fly
    Starset – My Demons
    Well this is a start…Please play some of these songs!!!!

  • David

    Need the play list from tonight at 8:00,pm please..

  • Aaron

    I need help with the name of a song, sounds like red hot chilli peppers and comes on around 7:15-7:20

    • Aaron

      7:15 Am that is

  • m

    Please play Breaking Benjamins new single Failure. Please! : )

  • ella

    cool songs y’all should play:
    future people by the alabama shakes
    contagious by night riots
    fairly local by twenty one pilots
    east of eden by zella day
    also anything by marina and the diamonds i would suggest forget off of her new album froot

  • amy brown

    Do you have your daily playlists anywhere? I am looking for a song that played this morning between 7:45-8:00 with lyrics “when you shine, I shine too”…

  • Shaggy

    I need to know what the song is where the guy seems to change his voice at different points. It’s a strange song but I don’t remember lyrics

    • Shea Straw

      Maybe 21 Pilots Stressed Out?

  • willywill85

    Alt-J should, at the very least, be on the top 30. I recommend “every other freckle” or “left hand free”. However, if the Gump could throw some tickets to their show at Oak Mountain Amphitheater my way, I will never complain again. Also, Shaggy, I’m not sure if that is a decent joke or a ridiculous question.

  • BigWill

    Don’t get me wrong I love the Beastie Boys but there is so much more new stuff out there. Lay off the Beastie Boys one of you guys has a wood for the boys, doesnt mean you have to play them over and over again.. This Station is good but since your start you ran the The Chile Peppers into the ground and Nirvana into the ground. One of your slogans is new music , stick with that slogan. I know those groups are hall of famers but there is so much more great stuff out there.