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The Gump Local Showcase

Shining the spotlight on Alabama and focusing on the River Region, The Gump Local Showcase features original music from the area. Check out the playlists below!

To submit music for consideration, email [email protected] with the name of your band, your location, and no more than two MP3’s.


The Gump Local Showcase #56 – June 23, 2019

The Hallers – Hold Onto Me

Under Darkened Skies – At The Sun

Blaster Burner Funk – Regret

Sinners Gospel – Ghost Of You

Underhill Family Orchestra – When The Trumpet Sounds

The Grenadines – Lighting Strikes

Deluna – Dallas Buyers

Electric Blue Yonder – Bluster

Lady Legs – No Job

Becky Folmar and The Bama Sound – Not In The Ground

BUNCH – Out Of Reach

The Gump Local Showcase #55 – June 16, 2019

BUNCH – Forever My Sparring Partner

The Pollies – You Want It

Future Elevators – Machine Maker

V8 Death Car – Rock and Roll

The Abusements – Meds

Travis Waters – Make Believe

Armand Margjeka – Hummingbird

Underhill Family Orchestra – Oh, Spirit

Duquette Johnston – Heart Is Breaking

Co – Op – Walkin’ Out

One Like Son – Interstellar

The Last Thing You Remember – She Got What He Deserves

Britt Johnson – Firefly

Abigail Douglas – Your Crowd

Young Soul Refuge – Shoot Me Down

The Gump Local Showcase #54 – June 9, 2019

Wolves of Chernobyl – The Persuasive Bullet

The Great Book Of John – Simple Things

BUNCH – Doin’ Alright

G.E.M.S. – Touch

The Brummies ft. Kacey Musgraves – Drive Away

Becky Folmar & The Bama Sound – Butterfly In The Barbwire

Young Soul Refuge – Shoot Me Down

Swamp Dolls – Shake Ya

The Outies – Nothing Right

Paxton Brothers – Sand Dollars

All You Need – How I Deal

The Last Thing You Remember – Deadhorse

Lady Legs – Bottomless Pit

The Hallers – Small Talk

Bearmace – Determine Your Own Fate

The Gump Local Showcase #53 – June 2, 2019

Pink for President – Doubt

The Grenadines – Lightning Strikes

El Cantador – Particle and Wave

Lady Legs – No Job

Deluna – Dallas Buyers

Will Stewart – Sipsey

The Hallers – Dance With Us

BearMace – Grey

Dirty Lungs – Dumps Like A Truck

Electric Blue Yonder – Children Of The Sun

The Ghost Of Daniel Pratt – Lights Out

Lostronot – Ride The Goat

Outside The Inside – No One Knows

The Great Book Of John – In The End