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Welcome to MontGUMPery

cake-concert-montgomeryWe’re 104.9 The Gump – WGMP and we ain’t your daddy’s rock and roll station.

This where you can hear alternative rock on 104.9-FM, 1170-AM, or online from virtually any device. Read more about us and what we play, then go follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re also the #1 rated rock station in Montgomery according to Arbitron. Thanks for listening.

  • Gump Guy

    Love the name

  • WELL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It’s about time.

    • Here here or should that be hear hear? Can’t wait.

  • Gumptastic

    This is for real???? w00t!


  • Old Fart

    What about the oldies station? Why are you getting rid of it? I enjoyed listening while in my Rosco Scooter.

  • Bert

    ok so this is the same company that has a revolving door on introducing new stations and formats. A Flavor of the Quarter. The FM signal of 104.9 will hardly cover the city of Montgomery. Will you play Rock all day on 104.9 and AM 1170 or will you still have Rush?

    • The Program Director

      Wow, you sounded all smart until you asked if we’d still carry Rush. 1440AM carries Rush. Good job Short-bus.

      • Bert

        Very true. I guess I was sleeping still. I meant conservative talk radio. I allowed myself to listen to a rumour that the rock show was only going to be the format for part of the day and then would be talk … anyway point is I do live in the city and do pick up your signal and LOVE the music so thanks. Montgomery has needed this for a long time. I just hope that it proves financially viable so that it does not go away.

        • The Program Director

          If the first few days are any indication, we’ll be here for a while. Clients are flooding in to reach an undeserved demographic: 18-34 year-olds.

          • 18-34

            uhhh dont ya mean 15 to 70 y/o? Rock is food for everyones soul!!!!!!

      • bamaneck67

        Thank you so much! I am your freakin’ daddy at 42. This station rocks! I turned my 15 year old on to it. All I need is a window sticker to cover up the one from the Auburn Station.

  • Can’t wait to hear the new station. Hope you do well with it.

  • Kyle

    play bullet for my valentine, smile empty soul and as i lay dying and Im 100% sold lol Lovin the station so far

  • Kyle

    So when do we start getting stickers to promote it lol

    • The Program Director

      We have about 2,000 coozies? Want one?

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take a coozy. I said take not buy……..

  • JimmyD

    Does this elderly alternative rockers heart good.
    /now if we can just teach the young doodle pads/pin cushions to SLAM DANCE without getting all emo and texting their lawyers.

    • The Program Director


  • Steven

    Thank you so much! I’ve waited so long!

    • The Program Director

      Good things come to those who wait… (wow, I sound like my dad)

  • Jo Anna

    This is awesome! Thanks for coming, we have been in dire need for a station like this!

    • The Program Director

      We agree.

  • Kimm

    I am sooo happy at there is finally an excellent rock station in the tri-county area! I work in Montgomery and live above Wetumpka and I have no issue picking you guys up!! If you guys need any groupies I’ve got you! No seriously. Thanks!!!

    • The Program Director

      We’ll need to conduct a visual inspection of said “Groupie” first.


  • Crapville

    I live in Prattville….Cant get a signal there…(hopefully maybe that will change soon)…So I am gonna need $287.00 for the speeding ticket I got this morning on my way to work (Hope Hull), because I was in a hurry to turn off the the “rock” station….Thank you. p.s. I will need that in cash.

    • The Program Director

      LOL check’s in the mail Crapville

  • Lovin It

    Any plans to up the signal power? Driving down Pike Road the signal is very weak.

    • The Program Director

      We’re bound by FCC law to remain at 250 watts. However, we’re trying to work out a plan to move from a 200 foot tower, to 800 feet.

  • Zack

    Thank you 104.9!! Thank you for rescuing us from 95.1 the [email protected]%!! I no longer have to listen to AC/DC, George Thorogood, SRV, and Steve Miller all day. Thank you 104.9!!
    Thank you for showing us that Rock music does exist in Montgomery!! Rock on!!!

    • The Program Director

      Glad you approve, but I love some AC/DC… 😀

  • Tommy Dugherty

    You had the best music in Montgomery Alabama. sure sad to hear a good station turn to rock. Thanks for the good music while it lasted. At least two lost listeners.

    • The Program Director

      Interesting to read this comment, as 99 out of 100 people want us to lean more rock, and you want more Alternative.

      Truth be told, we are an Alternative leaning rock station.

  • Mary

    Montgomery really needed a station like this. I absolutely love it. Whole family thinks it’s a life-saver. Love hearing Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, etc. It’s great.

    I live outside of Montgomery, so the signal is sometimes weak. Would love y’all to amp it up a bit!

    Keep up the great job.

  • Amanda

    It’s about time someone knocked the crusty dust off of Montgomery’s airwaves. I would love to hear more indie bands the newer and more obscure the better. Keep it up. XOXO

    • The Program Director

      Crusty Dust! LOL

  • You guys should do a locals section.

    • The Program Director

      Locals as in Bands or Single people?

      • bands. there’s a lot of talent in the river region! my bands on 95.1 but we are more of a modern rock band. i know a lot of really good bands around here that deserve to be heard by the masses!

  • roy

    its about time someone did it,u guys keep rocking and we dont have to listen to music uor dads listen to…….watch out 95.1…keep f-cking rocking in the gump

    • The Program Director

      Preach it Roy!

  • Jamie Spear

    Love it! Love it! Love it! My ipod has been broken for months and now I don’t even care! Who needs Alt Nation on Sirius now that you guys are here?! You’ve made me one happy lady! Love when you play Creep by Radiohead on the morning drive! Keep it up!

    • The Program Director

      We like to please the ladies…

    • billybobjoe

      jamie spear is one derranged chick!!! Issues Issues Issues!!!

  • Keifer


    • The Program Director

      You must have blinked…clearly it’s on the top right of this very page. 😉

  • NeroMaj

    Just moved to Montgomery in July and couldn’t stand the ride back and forth to work every day until this station came along.

    I look forward to rush hour traffic with this little nugget of joy coming through my speakers.

    • The Program Director

      Awesome, glad you listen on the ride to and from work!

  • Cat

    THANK YOU!!!! Seriously. Best station to ever come to Montgomery… by a long shot. Now to be greedy- when are you going to get an iphone app so I can listen everywhere?

  • Happy

    Why am I know only hearing of this station!! I have been waiting so long for a station like this to come to Montgomery! Please don’t leave us!!

  • Tonya

    I am soooooo love that there is a ALternative station now in Montgomery! LOVE IT AND LISTEN EVERYDAY! YOU ALL ROCK!

  • Amy

    I am ‘Old School’ and usually listen to 95.1 the fox for the classic rock and occasionally get to hear a few new artists and songs. I am very happy to have found 104.9 for some fresh new alternative music. Still have to listen to John Boy and Billy in the morning, but you guys are my pick for the rest of the day!

  • Jamie Spear

    You’re playing some awesome music this morning my friend